SIMCITY '91 by Maxis / Nintendo

SimCity, originally developed by veteran designer Will Wright (he calls his games software toys) and published by Brøderbund, is the first title of the long-lasting game series and the introduction of „Sim“ titles in general. Throughout the years, many versions were ported or re-developed for various 8 and 16 bit computers and consoles. While the home computer versions created a whole new genre, the SNES version of the game proofed that city-building strategie games can also be played with great benefits on consoles.

Nowadays, SimCity is a cult classic and considered as one of the greatest games of all times.


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„When computers came along, I started learning programming and realizing the computer was this great tool for making things, making models, dynamic models, and behaviors, not just static models. When I started doing games I really wanted to carry that to the next step, to the player, so that you give the player a tool so that they can create things.“

– Will Wright – Creator
Title: SimCity

Developer: Maxis
Publisher: Brøderbund

Genre: City-Building
Year: 1989

Plattforms: Archimedes, Electron, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, BBC Micro, Commodore 64, CDTV, DESQview, MS-DOS, EPOC32, FM Towns, iOS, J2ME, Linux, Mac OS, OLPC XO-1, OS/2, PC-98, SNES, Unix, Windows, X68000, ZX Spectrum

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