R-TYPE '87 by Irem

R-Type is a classic side-scrolling shoot ‚em up arcade game. It was well received by players all over the world for it’s gameplay, detailed, stylistically surreal graphics (inspired by „Alien“ creator H.R. Giger), huge and challenging bosses and a well thought-out level design. It was the most successful arcade cabinet in Japan in 1987 and went on to be ported to numerous console and home-computer systems. Originally developed bei Irem, the game was ported to different plattforms bei legendary developers like Rainbow Arts, Factor 5 and others, mostly bedroom coders, like Bob Pape. Pape later wrote an interesting book (link at the bottom of the page) about the development of the game and his time at British developer Electric Dreams Software, who were responsible for several conversions of R-Type for home computers.

A 1996 article in Next Generation stated R-Type is at number 98 in their „Top 100 Games of All Time“.

Sadly, the Atari ST version is missing, because I simply couldn’t find a proper release of the game. I only covered the first level on the Amstrad and Sinclair releases, because i only had demo versions of the game.


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When I joined Irem in September 1987, R-Type was just released. I played it so much I discovered a rare bug: if you died right at the end, after clearing all the stages, your ship would start to flicker and you’d be invincible. I think they said something to me like, “no one is ever going to find this bug, so let’s just leave it be.”

– Masahiko Ishida – Musician R-Type II


Developer: Irem

Publisher: Irem

Genre: Shoot ’em up

Year: 1987

Plattforms: Arcade, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Game Boy, Master System, MSX, PC-88, PC Engine CD, PlayStation, TurboGrafx-16, X68000, ZX Spectrum

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